A Stress-Free Guide to Dropping Hints: Your Christmas Wishlist

Posted: Nov 02 2023


The holiday season is approaching, and the excitement is building! While surprises are lovely, sometimes it's important to help your loved ones find the perfect gift. We've got you covered on how to drop subtle hints about what you'd love from Magnolias Boutique this Christmas.



1. Share Your Wishlist: Create a list of items from our store that catch your eye. Share it with your partner or loved ones. They'll appreciate the guidance. We're happy to keep a copy at the store; your loved ones can just ask any of our employees to see your wishlist.

2. Window Shopping Together: Suggest a leisurely stroll to our boutique. Point out your favorite clothing, shoes, or accessories. This helps them understand your style.

3. Social Media Clues: Like and share posts of items you adore on our boutique's social media pages. Your loved ones might take the hint.

4. Subtle Conversation: Casually mention our store and the fantastic fashion finds during everyday conversations. Discussing styles and preferences can be fun.

5. Gift Cards: If you're uncertain about what you want, recommend gift cards from our boutique. This ensures you get exactly what you desire.

6. Be Appreciative: When you do receive a gift, express your gratitude. This encourages your loved ones to continue their thoughtful gestures.



Remember, communication is key. It's okay to express your desires and preferences. At Mags, we're here to make your holiday shopping experience enjoyable and stylish. So, share the love, drop those hints, and have a merry and fashionable Christmas!

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