2015 Spring Shoe Trends

Posted: Apr 07 2015



Here's the inside scoop on what the shoe industry says are the leading trends for Spring & Summer 2015.

AND...below are just a few styles of our new trend setting inventory...shoes keep rolling in daily!


Woven Details

Whether crafted with a more natural look or made of more futuristic technicolor fabric "woven" is leading the way in comfort. What are woven perks? 1) they pack super light for travel. 2) As your feet swell woven moves right along with you. 3) Have hard to fit feet? woven is a great go to as they fit almost any shape foot. 3) Breath-ability for warmer weather

Woven gives subtle dimension to heels, slip-ons and sandals making them a popular choice for 2015...

All Laced Up

Laces still making a statement whether your looking for sneakers, sandals or booties it's all about them laces this Spring!


Fancy Flats

Embellishments, two tone, multi-strap and buckles are making Spring ’15 sandals anything but average. These flats are dressy enough to wear right along with your party dress.



Spring’s references to the ’70s brought out a return of the flatform. Some are calling them "Flattie's" and flatforms come in a variety of platform heights!

Block Heels

Forget tall, spindly stilettos — the heel to have this Spring is a wide, supportive block heel. Feet, rejoice! AND... these block heels are here to stay...pushing right into Fall/Winter 15' you'll see boots, booties and dress shoes embrace the block style heel.



Spring this year is about being playful with color! Why not have more than one color on your feet this season...& make outfit pairing more fun!



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