Sweet Anthem instock!

Posted: Apr 16 2015

Shop Magnolias is excited to announce we're now carrying Sweet Anthem perfume oils and solid perfume sticks. Above is Meredith, the creative talent behind the local, West Seattle brand Sweet Anthem.

Meredith states: each perfume is 100% vegan – any notes like honey, musk, leather, beeswax, etc. are purely synthetic approximations of these notes. She strives to use high quality organic essential oils, absolutes, and resins for materials one can derive from nature. Sweet Anthem perfumes are on average, 40% natural, which is FAR superior to mainstream fragrances! Many of the notes come from local West Coast sources, and she never buy from companies that perform animal testing.
We have the following Sweet Anthem scents in the shop today:
Anton // Spicy Genre // Apple, Black Pepper, Horseradish, Orchid, opium, Teak
Lucille // Musky Genre // Amber, Jasmine, Linden, Blossom, Rosewood, Sea Salt, Tobacco
Margaret // Floral Genre // Guava, Rose, Otto, Vetiver, White Tea
Phoebe // Woodsy Genre // Dirt, Lavendar, Maple Sugar, Pine, Tobacco, White Amber

All available in 5ml perfume oil and 5ml solid perfume.
We think you'll agree...each scent is deliciously unique!!!

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