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Posted: Nov 03 2017

I love Halloween, like big time (I mean we went all out as Margot and Richie Tenebaum - LOVE), but now that it has come and gone we can get down to season has begun! Seriously, on Halloween morning my son, who would eat candy all day if we let him, bellied up to the kitchen counter and said "Alexa, how many days until Christmas!". Yup, he's my kiddo!

So, first lets not be assholes and disregard Thanksgiving because that is a super fun holiday and is (or should be) all about being thankful for what we have. I love it because I don't have all that family drama that you see in movies and everyone in my family loves to cook! So we're certainly not the family that centers the day around any sports ball, which means everyone is in the kitchen laughing, cooking and drinking. :)

If you take Thanksgiving seriously than you know it's your opportunity to dress up without getting too dressed up. Blouses! Blouses! Blouses! Two of my new favorite lines, see u soon & Soaked in Luxury, have some amazing, statement blouses that can easily be worn to the office, out on the town, Thanksgiving dinner! You'll look fantastic AND be comfortable. Win-Win!

Why, yes, all four of these blouses are currently in the store. You're welcome! The great thing about these is that you can wear them with anything. Your favorite jeans? Yes! That basic, black pencil skirt you wear to work? Um, of course! Those gorgeous slacks you picked up at the outlet mall because your friend convinced you you'd find a reason to wear them? Absolutely! I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't try them on for you to let you know they run true to size and now I want them all. 

Only after Thanksgiving is completely over, the dishes are all clean and put away, and the leftovers are gone is it acceptable to transition into Christmas - and I don't mean Thanksgiving weekend. I will judge you if you put your lights up that weekend, or god for bid if you leave them up year round. Who. Does. That?

This is the party season to top all party seasons! Holiday parties!!! I literally cannot keep from smiling when I say Holiday Party, try it! I envy everyone that has a company holiday party because it is another opportunity to turn heads in a gorgeous outfit! Seriously, if you love your outfit you'll carry yourself in such a different way all night and your confidence will be contagious to everyone around you. I always try to think beyond a perfect holiday dress, although there is nothing wrong with that. This year I have a couple fun ideas for you! 

Skirts are a fun way to go because you can play with texture, pattern, color, layers...all of it! We have some great options for you to choose from, but we'll let you decide what speaks to you. 

Dior Skirt with Navy Bow Top (we have both)

Eagles Skirt in Gold*

*She is standing in a strange way and I don't love it, but the skirt is magic! Here she has it dressed up, but my fabulous friend, R, wore a skirt like this to my holiday party last year and paired it with a red lip, a witty graphic tee and a furry vest and it was EVERYTHING!

Pants, Leggings or Trousers are another way to go, with any tank or blouse your little heart desires. Lysse and Margaret M are favorites here at Mags because of the tummy tuck support they both offer. 

Lysse Lace Leggings

Margaret M Pinstripe Slimming Pant

Shoes are your final chance at making a statement (and not ruining your friends' brand new hardwood floors with your old, worn out high heels). Haha. Here is where we can really help you out, because we have some ah.mazing shoes!!






Well, it's currently snowing here and I've gotten distracted about a dozen times so I think this might be where I end it. Have I given you some good options? Are you excited to come in and shop? Oh, you don't live here? No prob, Bob...we have a lot of our fabulous stuff online and we ship for free! If you ever see anything on our blog or on our Instagram (@shopmagnoliasshoes) that you just love you can always direct message us or give us a call and we can ring you up over the phone. Easy peasy! 

Well, my lovelies, that's it for me. I'll be back soon, much sooner than last time, I promise! 

xoxo - Gossip Girl - I mean, Brooke... ;)

Also, you should be (thanks if you already are) following us on Instagram @shopmagnoliasshoes. Our in-house Insta-Guru, @luxmediadesign kills it every time, folks!

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