Can I Wear That...I'm a Mom?

Posted: Jul 17 2017

"I can't wear that, I'm a mom!!" is something we hear all too often here at Magnolias. As a mother of two littles myself, my typical response varies, but goes something like, "Moms are rad AF and we can wear whatever we want to"! 

This might have something to do with the fact that I always think everyone is so much older than me, but I do think moms are rad AF and should wear things they love. If I catch myself saying "I wish I could wear that" or "I really want to be that woman..." I'll march right into the fitting room and try on whatever that women I want to be would wear. Sometimes I surprise myself and other times I get a good laugh and think "Yup, I'm definitely not that woman". 

I recently bought this Saturday Love sweatshirt from Chaser with a super cool cut out back. The sweatshirt is playful, soft and a little sexy. I'm definitely playful, after 2 kids I'm a little soft (in all ways) and I love feeling sexy so this sweatshirt is perfection! I personally rock it with a lace bralette and my go-to Dear John skinny jeans. We have another Chaser tee that we've already had to re-order because it's just that good...Sunday Brunch, yes please!











"Is this supposed to be a dress?" is another question we get a lot. 9 out of 10 times that company calls it a dress, but you can call it whatever you want. If you wouldn't be caught dead in it without pants on, great, call it a tunic, wear it with heavy tights, belt it over leggings. You call the shots, friend! 

This dress...we love this dress! Inspired by Jackie O, it is playful and light, but a little short. A cute pair of patterned tights would make this dress pop that much more. You could add drama by rocking a light trench coat over it all day. Stylish Mom Win!


Now for your feet...our specialty! Nothing screams comfort like a good pair of sneakers, but I'll be damned if we're going to sell you boring old running shoes (no offense). Your sneakers can make a huge statement to an otherwise simple outfit. Think jeans and a basic, slouchy Z Supply pocket tee and now add some either of these sneakers below. You will definitely turn heads at that PTSA meeting, wine with friends, trip to the grocery store, shopping downtown, *insert mom outing here*, etc. 

Now the next time you shop at Magnolias or any store for that matter, please don't say you can't wear something because you're a can wear ANYTHING because you're a mom. You've earned it. #momsareradAF #momstyle #shopmagnolias


Brooke, Mom, Kickass Business Woman


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