Valentine's Day Ideas for 2017

Posted: Feb 01 2017

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching as well as possibly a little bit of pressure about what to get that special someone in your life. Now, we should probably show our love to one another on a daily basis and not rely on a "holiday" to celebrate love, but alas...Valentine's Day!

Here are some ideas for the big day this year:

1. Shoes!!

Everyone loves shoes, right? Why not surprise her with a gorgeous pair of shoes that you don't think she would buy for herself. These fabulous sandals are by Free People and we're dying over them here at Magnolias. They are subtle, but sexy! Ask for help from whoever is working at the store; we love helping choose gifts. If she doesn't love them she can always exchange them for something else, but she'll know you really put in the effort (total brownie points)!

2. Air Plants

These low maintenance plants are so much better than flowers, which will look and smell beautiful for a few days before heading to the yard waste bin. Why not get something that will last a whole lot longer as a constant reminder of your love? Click here for air plant care. You can get these bad boys everywhere, including your local grocery store. Get creative on what you put them on or in. That will add an element of your personal touch that will hopefully score you some extra kisses! Bonus, this is a total unisex gift.

3. Jewelry, Candles, Perfume, Cards...

This is sort of the tried-and-true Valentine's Day stuff, right? We personally love the Royal Apothic line of candles, perfumes and lotions, which have scents like Hothouse Peonie, English Rose, Velvet Dahlia and Dogwood Blossom (just to name a few). Betsy & Iya jewelry is elegant, but totally practical as staple pieces in anyone's jewelry collection. We love our Toyko Milk cards for a little humor or sparkle, this card has both (my heart on a platter). How gorgeous is this candle, though?

4. Local Goods!

Locally made gifts are really a win-win. Not only are you supporting local artisans, but you get a really unique gift that you know isn't mass produced and therefore in every store out there. We have a huge crush on julep & ginger, made right here on Bainbridge Island. This is just a small sampling of what she makes, but a few of our absolute favorites! Locally made can be anything from craft beer to art to jewelry...skies the limit, really.

5. An Experience Together

This could be anything really; wine tasting, a cooking class, a long hike, a weekend getaway, a paint party...just something out of the ordinary that you can do together. Pretty self-explanatory!

6. Dinner with a twist

This one is my favorite and might just be what I do this year. Make a later dinner reservation and take each other shopping before dinner to pick out new outfits. You don't have a buy an entirely new outfit, but maybe you want to buy him a nice shirt and tie or he wants to buy you a new dress or sexy top. Wear your favorite heels so you can try on the dress or top with your favorite heels. A sexy top, skinny jeans and some high heels...maybe the sales person will even let you share a dressing room ;-).

Hope this list helps make this Valentine's Day a little more memorable.

Always choose love!


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